Access to Ugakei Campsite

By car
9 km from Tokai Kanjo Daian Interchange
16 km from Shin-Meishin Komono Interchange
20 km from Higashimeihan Kuwana Interchange
28 km from Meishin Yohkaichi Interchange

By Public Transportation
Nearest station: Daan Station or Sanli Station
*Take a cab as there are no buses or other transportation
15 minutes by cab (9km)
Kintetsu Taxi : TEL : 0594-72-2727

Parking lots are very crowded on weekends, national holidays and consecutive holidays, so early arrival is recommended.
Please do not park at 421 on the national highway as it is very dangerous.


Postal Code 511-0266
2999-5 Ishigure-Minami, Daian-cho, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture

parking lot

Capacity for 160 vehicles

Temporary parking is available when the parking lot is full.
For details, please see [Temporary Parking Lot Information].

parking fee

*No parking fee is charged within 120 minutes of admission.
*No parking fee will be charged if you use only the stores in Ryu no Koba and Ugakei.
The date changes at midnight, and charges will be added to the parking fee.

Flow of Use